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  1. I feel the need to point out a semantics clarification. This deal is NOT a partnership of any kind. A partnership would imply all parties involved are fully working together on the project equally. As already stated by Slow that only he and Lex are on this as advisors and that Curse's team is doing the actual work. The mod developers may be in agreement with the deal, but are merely backseat passengers like the end users are in this arrangement.
  2. I have one question for the rose colored glasses wearing folks. If "I" were an FTB developer and not slowpoke, why would i work on a launcher/repository for another company i was already signed not to work/transfer to once complete?
  3. How does curse go from "I have a guy there now, but they fucking suck" to "We have 40 developers!" ? This almost sounds as bad as Slow's usual logic.
  4. Then you failed to read the rules at all. And second, its YOUR job to search for a server to play on. Not OUR problem.
  5. Curse DID end the negotiations because Kaker said he wouldn't take the deal without his TEAM. If the deal is raw for one party and the other ends negotiations, it doesn't mean the party that refused the terms was "bad" in any way.
  6. so, this new vision of a la carte modpack making does away with the need to go ask mod owners permissions? Or they are giving blanket permissions to anyone using this new unseen method of modpack making? If this is in fact the case then why don't the mod owners drop their stupid license requirements now since all they are are personal hostile requirements solely because of Technic?
  7. this thing has no way to be anything but a bad thing for the community plain and simple.
  8. i am more intrigued by how the OP is playing with a controller. I have one myself, but have never been inclined to try it for MC.
  9. It was my understanding that no support was provided for custom modpacks. Modpack authors could get help in the pagoda, but that was about it. Users were directed to the modpacks creator to get assistance.
  10. the point i was trying to make was its alot more work to have to police the ads provided by a service on top of already moderating a forum etc... The whole point to using the service is to be able to simply choose your flavors and let it run. Adsense "should" according to their TOS for creating an ad to send thru them has to be malware free and submit to a scan as such in order to be distributed etc... This same scan is mentioned on the site when you setup a usage of their service as well. They are the ones supposed to do the dirty work of keeping the ads malware free.
  11. According to the conversation with SCT there's not a whole lot to do as like any ad service you set it and forget it. The admin staff should not have to police individual ads. And the manner in which the staff chooses ad groups, no its not as easy as you all keep making out to be if the ad simply gets fed via another group.
  12. you didn't read one word i said did you?
  13. You say that like its some kind of competition to begin with. A good server will be populated by word of mouth generally and the forum posts are merely administrative. If your server's population relies solely upon your forum post remaining near the top, you're doing something wrong.
  14. you're missing the point that given the volunteer staff that already moderate the site, now you want more work devoted to moderating every single ad that appears on the site.
  15. clearly you are being an ignorant idiot completely missing my point.
  16. blocking from the client end is not what i am talking about. if technic has chosen to have ads supplied by a provider they will most likely not control the content of those ads.
  17. the site uses adsense to help cover costs. I believe that does not allow them to control the ads that appear in the spaces allocated for ads however. So not sure even the staff can do anything.
  18. Again, penalizing whitelist servers doing what they've done correctly just so 1 or 2 servers that don't use whitelisting can be more popular.
  19. Not just that, disallowing apps would be unfair to the ones that do whitelists and use it well. Why punish them because the ones without apps feel threatened in popularity?
  20. You could do a test and simply have a main section of all whitelisted servers separated by modpack subsection and then a non-whitelist main area again separated. You will first see there are but a handful of servers that do not employ a whitelist. And then two see that whitelist servers are in fact more populated than non. This is simply due to the fact that most people are assholes in the community.
  21. i would like to point out also that things like hosted servers and Let's Play video channels that are setup for profit would also fall into a murky grey area as a result of this language change.
  22. Thats actually bullcrap. I for one run with 12gb allocated and it runs quite nicely. And 3gb is NOT tops. I would run 4 on my last machine and still have issues.
  23. we need more information on your computer in order to provide adequate support. And NO, going straight to optifine is the worst first choice for solving any lag problem.
  24. most likely the updated 1.6 supporting platform no longer launches the yogbox pack because of its ancient mc version.
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