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Serious connection problems to only certain games?


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So I usually restore my pc to factory default about once to twice a year because I tend to get ocd about alot of files being on my pc that I don't seriously need (like a converter to convert a movie file you downloaded to something that will stream.) Anyways ever since I recently did that some of my favorite games have been unplayable because of the lag; this has all to do with steam games because I think it's more of a computer problem than a steam problem example: I'll browse servers in Steam's server browser and my connection is good I get what I used to get before my restore, but when I start the game and go to the in game server browser all the servers have pings 1k+, which is just confusing; can anybody please help me I've been without tf2 ever since a week after the pyro update (Note, this is happening to all of my games that run on Source and Microvolts which I play occasionally the only games not affected that I play are Combat Arms, GTA SAMP, Tribes Ascend)

Pictures: http://postimage.org/gallery/7noyqq2/204d76ad/

Picture connection test: I downloaded a program and tested a particular server and found I have alot of packet loss (in game)

Picture ping game: My connection on the tab screen in game (same server)

Picture ping menu: My connection on the in-game server selection screen (same server)

Picture ping steam: My connection on Steam's server browser (same server)

picture ping test: My connection on pingtest.net

Picture speed test: My download/upload speed on speedtest.net

I'll answer all questions and will use TeamViewer if i'm not able to answer said question with my current knowledge (I'm just a script kiddy, don't know anything about programs, networks and other stuff)

All help is appreciated (and yes I already asked Steam support and the Steam Community.

edit: Sorry about the wall of text but please read it, I really need to get my fix on my Source Games.

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