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1.0.7 Server issues..

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Since the latest update my server has been having random heart attacks with players.

This happened to a player that was in their base. Then to another player that was flying over an ocean biome. Every time we had to load their chunk before they could join.


Above is the error. Regarding a chest of all things.

Every possibility it is thanks to the ported IC2 classic. Please do not add ported mods, they are as unstable as their original. Add the official IC2 mod if you intend on doing it. At least that way its up to date and constantly being fixed...

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IC2 Classic was chosen because it is the more desirable version of the mod.
The official IC2 (aka IC2 Experimental), as you call it, differs in distinct ways from the one included in the modpack.

From what I can tell, IC2 Classic is under development by Speiger, who seems to be on top of fixes where necessary.

(Here's a riddle for you, by the way: If IC2 classic is a port, simply because it's been updated to 1.7.10, then why isn't the "official" IC2 one as well?)

Finally, you probably meant to post this in the bug tracker. Where bugs and crashes belong. I don't know if Cauldron comes included with the server package, but Forestry seems to be whining about it. Might be your problem lies there. If not... good luck finding out what it is!
Seems odd for IC2 to have a crash related to chests, though. Are they on the proper version of the mod?

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