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Makes sense, i just didn't see it that way because it's in the "general technic" category and because most of the posts in there are technic related issues and i for one (and i know it is a very rare case as most people wanting to play vanilla would just use the MC client) have had my own problems with the vanilla pack of the technic launcher and did not know where to post about it, As a result i posted in the wrong place and have had no help with the matter.

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If you're not going to be playing Technic, why not just use your Technic mod pack and start modifying it to suit? You can simply delete a majority of the mods, as long as you make sure to get their core and auxiliary components, for RedPower for example. Just don't update.

Otherwise, just modify your copy of Minecraft, and ignore the Technic side of things altogether. There's no really good reason to use the launcher if you're not going to be playing a mod pack at all, to be honest.

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