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  1. Sweet, Glad to know you are taking the time to make the server a better place for your players. Excited to have dim doors working (ill be able to stop using the nether as a linking hub. ) Good luck, hope all goes well! :D
  2. cataclysm-survival.g.akliz.net

  3. yeah well, the "Mindcrack" modpack on the ftb launcher does. a few of the other ftb modpacks do also.
  4. Ewww factions. haha. ill try to get on then. haha wow, finally a server thats based in my TMZ. xD
  5. Maybe you should download Feed the beasts mindcrack modpack? is has both of those mods. If you have not heard of FTB it is not too different from running tekkit just download the launcher select your modpack and bam. they also have a few other fun mods not included in any of the technic launcher modpacks. :)
  6. you gotta admit that is a pretty damn awesome bug..
  7. Contrary to what that guy said this server is pretty much what you are after, The only rule is dont mess with spawn, no mods are disabled and there are no banned items. sexytech.dnsd.info (if you are still looking that is and if you are not could you let me know of any decent servers you may now know of that fit your description)
  8. Iv'e tried connecting the passed few days and get a "error" internal server shut down message pop up. ive never seen this before and have had no trouble getting on other servers. just not yours. anyone have an idea how to fix? i like the sound of this server. :)
  9. Ign: Durex-tears Whitelist please. Should make the server a public raiding server with no protections ;)
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