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Energy links and power teleport pipes

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I obviously have this all wrong... and a search hasn't thrown up what it is.

Latest version of Tekkit...

I have an energy link connected to my MFSU, wooden conductive pipe out and then a power teleport pipe - set to 100.

At the quarry I have an energy link either side of the quarry, with a gold conductive pipe going into each of the energy links with the power teleport pipe on those - set to receive 100.

No wireless is working?

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Mmm.. something odd here

That is what I thought, but it doesn't work. In fact, all my wireless seems screwed

Oh wow... OK, schoolboy error of sorts....


Are power teleport pipes that power heavy?

I have one connected and my MFSU is drained completely... thats 40 solar panels, 36 wind turbines and 3 fully fueled coal generators going and it can't replace the energy draw taken by the power teleport pipe. That's mad

If I smash the teleport pipe - the power builds again

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They were after the transformers - MFSU to MV to LV to Power teleport pipe.

I have got rid of them. I have found it far better to run glass fibre cable all the way out to the quarry (thank God for NEI). The power teleport pipes just seem to be pulling a mad amount of juice (and that is when they are not attached to the energy link).

I miss electric engines.... they were so much better (in my humble opinion).

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I actually like the challenge of building self sustaining combustion engine systems that don't explode, but I still put them in a reinforced bunker :)

How far away is this quarry from your power? Power teleport pipes have loss over distance, you need to edit the additionalpipes.cfg file and change one of the settings from 0.995 to 1 to disable loss

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Put a NOR gate next to your Energy link (with the output of the NOR gate connected to the energy link. Then put a timer behind the NOR gate. Set the timer to 2-4 secs (just experiment with the time until you have it set as high as you can and still get power to the quarry).

With this you are basically applying a pulsed redstone signal to the energy link. When energy links receive a redstone signal they stop transmitting power. You will still have some power loss at your MFSU but it will be minimal enough to where your solar panels/windmill/etc can keep up.

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Mmm... thanks for the suggestions.

Why the heck do they draw so much current? My quarries are not that far away - so I can run cables to them, its just not a good way to do it.

Pulsing the energy link... Mmm. Interesting, but still not an ideal fix.

So its either horrific energy loss, or combustion engines. Great.

Thanks guys

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Just remember that if you use my suggestion, that most machines (like the quarry) will hold a certain amount of power even after their power source has been turned off. That is why this works, you don't actually need to have constant power going to the quarry. You can give it power every so often (2-4 secs) and it will have enough power stored up to let it continuously operate from that pulse until the next pulse.

Like I said it, you will still have some power loss but it can be managed enough to where your power supply device can keep up (i.e. mfsu powered by solar panels will be able to run all night without stopping).

Also, I'm not sure if this is a glitch with the energy link or if it was intended that way. As mentioned by another poster, when using power teleport pipes, the energy link will suck power out of your EU storage devices even if nothing is connected on the other end. It essentially drains your storage device at HV rates, even if you have it connected to a LV device -OR- nothing at all, Energy Link don't care! :)

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