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[3.12] EMP: Industrialized Warfare [PVP][42 slots][Open][Factions][EE Disabled]


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Think you have what it takes to thrive in a world where everyone might be out to get you?

Then join our server and show us what you've got!

With only a handful of gameplay-balancing restrictions and a bordered world, warfare can be as ruthless as you want it to be.

Connect to our server at:

mc.empclan.com or


  • Xray-ing, duplicating items, and/or fly hacking will get you banned without appeal.
  • Be respectful to players and community members. Disrespectful players will be muted.
  • Greifing Spawn, or any designated Safe-Zone will result in a ban.
  • Admins and Moderators have the final say in a matter. Arguing will not end well for you.


  • Most of EE2 is disabled.(Transmutation Tables, Energy Collectors, Dark Matter Relays, Energy Condensers, etc.). This is to prevent people from building up resources too quickly. The philosopher stone, however, can still be used.
  • The /home command is unavailable to prevent nonstop sieges and to reduce lag. This is where the use of waypoints is handy. The Factions home is still functional.
  • Although not restricted, we ask that you refrain from using advanced appliances as they are known to sometimes crash users. (Rotary Macerator, Induction Furnace, Etc.)
  • Be warned, Nukes are not blocked. Protect yourself accordingly.

~Our Host~


Our server is a 24 slot package that can and will be upgraded as demand calls for it.

~What to Expect~

When you first connect, you will be treated to an extravagant spawn area, completely safe from attackers.


Spawn is isolated in its own protected world to limit the amount of possible greifing.



Inside the spawn world you can find a trading post where you can purchase an assortment of items such as tools or resources.


~Major Plugins~

  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • World Border (Border at 1500 blocks out.)
  • Permissions Bukkit
  • World Guard/Edit
  • Multiverse

~Server Staff~





[Moderator,Server Technician]IWinGI

[server Technician]Sgt_josh

NOTE: We are currently recovering from our server being hacked. The spawn world is unavailable at this time. The regular gameplay world, however, is fully functional.

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