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Looking for a Tekkit Server (See thread for more details)

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Hello all, I am looking for a nice Tekkit server that fits my needs. Maybe you guys can help?

A little bit about myself: Well my name is Nick and I live in the United States. I play Football and run Track, and in my free time I like to play video games! I have been playing regular Minecraft since Beta 1.3 however I have decided to give Tekkit a try after seeing one of my favorite YouTube group play it (Yogscast). I am fairly new to Tekkit but I would like to learn a bunch!

What I am looking for:

-I am looking for a server that is not too heavily populated and is fairly new. (So that I can find the best land to establish myself on)

-I am looking for a server that will allow me to build a company of whatever on a plot of land that I so choose. I would then like to make myself a base of operations and then further develop my company. (Similar to the Yogscast).

I hope you guys can help because I would really like to find a great server.


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Or you can come to my dedicated 10 man server that is pretty new and if you were willing to bring along a few friends i will kick the young children currently on there off and start the server into a new world where we could start from the ground up and make a great server, i would be glad to have you.

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Thinking of hosting if you would like to join reply and I would be happy to appoint you as a staff member. The server would have to be quite small as I will be running it on a laptop so there will be little lag.

id love to be part of your staff and server! I'm very experienced in tekkit and am a master at ee please reply! Also, I am a youtuber, and plan on doing season 3 of a roleplay series with someone else. I will need to be an op so I can spawn blocks into build ruins. Also I need other people to interact with, and to have a war with. Thank you, and please reply!

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I'm also looking to find a tekkit server, a nice private one will do me.

my ign is PirateCoffee

PM me if i'm accepted

Check the dates before you post in these, that guy is one of those ones who search up on the forums and don't check the date, rather than checking the forums list. It usually ends up with the guy requesting to join a server that stopped recruiting several months ago...

Also, if you're looking for a private server to join, you might want this post, it's for people like you wanting to find a private server :)

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