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If you need one more if anyone decides to leave, Im in for it. But there will be a problem if all of you guys live in the US, as I live in europe. but heres my application.

IGN: ThepartyPig

AGE: 15

SKYPE (Pm me if you would not like to reveal): Pm if needed

Experience: Ive played minecraft since alpha, I have no Idea when that was though. Ive been playing tekkit for a month, and have reached the "end" of industrialcarft and EE twice.

Why would you like to be part of the team: I would love to be a part of a server where everyone has series going and where there are companies.

I can both record and edit. Aswell as host a server for about 8-10 ppl.

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IGN: Suts_

AGE: 15

SKYPE: Domm.is.charlie.ray

EXPERIENCE: 5 years minecraft/technic pack/ftb play. full functioning automatic brewery

I want to join because I enjoy tekkit and would like to do a youtubing series on games. I would like to do funny and technical series in in all games :). I had the idea of doing a 'world war' tekkit/voltz series. Sorry I'm late for replying:p

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