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512mb ram not enough for 1 player?

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I had my host switch my package from 1gb to 512mb of ram. Right after that they updated my server to the new version of tekkit. After everything was done i got on my server and it was so slow i could not move or place blocks. my question is, is 512mb of ram enough for 1 player? Thanks

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Not with Tekkit, sorry, we are only 3 on my family server and we had to switch to a 2gb plan, we had a 1gb plan that worked fine with the regular vanilla bukkit server but with tekkit the memory didn't keep up, they claim we could be 20 with a 2gb plan, no way it would never ever be possible to have 20 players there, if 1 of us make exploration with the swiftwolf rending gale flying around new territories, we usually get kicked out because the memory is filled up quicker than lightning, and just by generating map, imagine 5-6 people exploring the world, totally impossible to do that.

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