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(1.0.12b) Infinity Survival [PVE,PVP, ETC] [Survival] [51]

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Attack Of The B-Team Survival server hosted out of Australia. Plugins are being added in the next couple of days. The only rules are don't be douches if you're planning to PVP don't do it dick like and the standard no griefing etc etc just use your common sense and everything will be G.

Everyone and anyone is Welcome!

We are planning to make a survival town of sorts so if you want to join the town or do your own thing don't really mind. :)

Any questions just ask I'm a some what nice individual :P

Up 24/7. Friendly mob playing, just created the server so if you have any recommendations on what i should do or do differently please let me know!!


World Guard
Clear Lag

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Hi I would love to join the server!

I am a 13 year old girl and I am Australian.

I'm not giving out my skype sorry.

Also to join the server do I open up b team and go into multiplayer. and do I type the : and the numbers after?


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