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server problems


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i tried to make a server, which didnt end well. i ended up removing all the server files in safe mode without stopping the server properly. now im unable to create any other server.

can anyone tell me how i can fix this?

anybody except lothos.

some things that can be usefull to know, i used the server from the technic pack site, i used hamachi. if you need more information plz ask.

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i dont get errors. what happens is that when i try to start a new server, on any port it says connection refused. the ended badly part: when i tried to fix it, i accidently screwed things up so hard i had to force remove it all. the problem is (i guess), that somewhere on my pc a server is being held operational. im gonna try to bring all the files from my recycle bin back into a folder. hopefully this will make it possible for me to get on the server again to use the /stop command.

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i have deinstalled all my java files and reinstalled them. now i notice that, if i bring the files back. they do not attach to anything. i can just place them back in the recycle bin. I think that i just have to make a server again (with downloading and all). maybe this works.

ps: the idea of nicko6113 didnt work.

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