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░░[1.0.10] ☢ Darkdominion Network ☢ [Plugins] [Enterprise server] [Grief Prevention] [Active Staff] PvE ░░         Join: legends.darkdominion.net


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Want to survive and build without being griefed or harassed by toxic players?

Our PvE Legends server has grief prevention and active monitoring by staff.

We have:

Enterprise dedicated box hosting(64GiB, Xenon E5, 10GiB connection)

Automated, off-site backups

Log monitoring

Server monitoring with alerts(24/7 on-call sysadmin)


Grief prevention

Modpack updates

Votifier for bonus claim blocks

Reasonably priced donation packages to support the server

Friendly, helpful staff(if not, please tell the owner)

Staff with minimal powers and tribunal to prevent abuse

Active community that plays other games

Public Teamspeak server with staff presence. Come say hi! teamspeak.darkdominion.net

Open to plugin and server requests

Server events by request


About us:

Darkdominion is a network of servers that boasts heavy staff presence, professional staff behavior, and mature atmosphere. All admins are 20+ years old and have limited power. The server is staffed with a Linux admin, a MBA holder, a web developer, and a range of other qualified staff members. We encourage suggestions and are open to adding new modpacks. The player-base is helpful and many experienced players will help troubleshoot machinery issues. We do not tolerate staff abuse or poor player behavior.
All servers have grief prevention, logging, no PvP, and an economy.



Direct Connect



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We just updated to 1.0.10  :D

Be sure to check out our website Darkdominion.net 

Large active staff on all of our games.

Make yourself aware of the sever/games rules (/rules) so you will have a more enjoyable time playing.


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