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Looking for a GREAT Server


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There really, really should be a tekkit server which actually has the features which make Tekkit fun.

It should be obvious to have all Mods since its called Tekkit and not "Industrial Craft and Optifine". I recently saw a server which had EE, Build Craft and Red Power deactivated and even prohibited IC Nuclear Components. I would be content if the guys just block Nuke, RM and DM furnaces, but they seem to block everything.

Secondly, the server should be friendly and PvE. (PvP is just worthless with Quantum Armor) It should be easy to start building, for example, having a public Portal.

Thirdly, the Server should be easy to register on, perhaps utilising a Plugin to register Players.

If the Server has all these properties, it would probably be awesome.

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Hi CTMGame, I would like to draw your attention to TekkitCraft. It's a server I am currently SMod on, SMod being senior mod, one of our 4 main staff ranks, going Helper > Mod > SMod > Admin/Dev/Owner. We try to keep a small amount of ranks it makes it easier for people to contact staff. As it goes helper being green through to Admin being red.

Well about the server, we have almost all tekkit mod enabled, and most things within most mods enabled. If that makes sense. We are lucky to have someone on the server who has managed to do some bug fixes for use for things such as the Black Hole Band and Void Ring, therefore, we can have lots of things enabled with out dupebugs. Which is great! Another thing he has done is fix it so that items such as destruction catalyst can't be used for greifing within a town, as it makes it so if you couldn't break it normally, a catalyst wont. And thats another great thing as then we can enable EE tools and most EE items, of course there are some block items. We only block things if they are to over powered, or can still be used to greif/exploit. For example, we don't have collectors as we think that making something from nothing is just rediculus! Anyway, why not just come on and have a look, to see any blocked items that we have, just go to '/warp banneditems' when you log in, it has a full list of what you are not allowed. :D Well, hope to see you on the server, I will drop a few photos in here as well :D.


This is a picture of the center of the town I am in.


This is damn obvious what this is :D


This is a part of another one of the bigger towns of the server, that's another thing, when you first join, you have enough money to buy a town and have upkeep for a few days, you can get money by voting to minestatus.


This is one side of the pvp area we have, for those who want to pvp.


This is a building near our spawn, you can see the spawn in the back ground.


This is our tutorial world. So if you need to know anything about any of the Tekkit mods, you can go here and there are in depth instructions on how to use each item from each mod.

So yeah, see you soon hopefully!

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Wow, if it weren't for the picture with the volcano, I would have guessed that was a vanilla server. I did have to chuckle at the obvious Warsong Gulch PvP arena ;)

Might as well toss mine in here too. Not going to spam you with fancy pictures, just have a look at my thread if you feel like it. Seems we'd be a pretty god match for the profile you've layed out, though certain balancing actions (specifically EE) are still on-going.


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