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health issues.


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Basically it works on a 'whenever someone feels like it'

Like, I saw you helping someone else somewhere, forgot why you were helen kellered and took it off. Its that easy!

There is no secret list of Helen Kellers, its simply if someone with the power sees you acting in a way that deserves it you can catch the pink.

It should clear up on its own.

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doctor, doctor, im cured!

but now my server title's subtext doesnt make sense... 3:

That is unfortunate. Happens with my profile subtext since I change it to match the reason I got the pink. The current, "High Turnaround Rate!" one is because I managed to work off my last Keller quite quickly. XP

But like Kakermix said just behave and once someone with power feels you learned your lesson they will cure you.

There is no secret list of Helen Kellers,

Yep, it is right on the Memberlist page, just gotta mess with the sort by title option.

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