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Texture pack for T.L. 1.7.10


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Anyone know where I can get some Texture packs for Tekkit Legends? Everywhere I go, I gotta down load a bunch of files and patches and all that yada yada bullshhhh. Is there any drag and drop easy to install tex pack out there, preferably something a 5 year old can install?? (Lol I don't mind downloading a patch file or two, I was only exaggerating) Thanks!

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That's interesting how that works now.
Back in my days, we had to drag the files from the patch into the BDCraft .zip.

Which might be an option for you as well. Mind, it's odd that you shouldn't even get BDcraft as your textures. 

EDIT: I think I see your problem now. Download the resourcepack for 1.7.10. NOT 1.7.2.

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