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1st Nuclear reactor setup, A little info would help.

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Hey guys I've reached the point where I need to use a Mass Fabricator so therefore it's time for nuclear power. I have read up on it quite a bit but I still have some questions. I'm planning on using the same type of setup Rob uses in the Youtube tutorials provided by the Wiki. So it will be suspended in air inside of a large reinforced structure surrounded by water with source blocks high enough above so it will never run out of water. I also want to use the Thermal monitors just to be absolutely sure I won't have a meltdown as it sits (high) above my house with EVERYTHING i've made thus far. I'm running 6 chambers and again will be using Rob's layout for the internal components. So I have a few questions,

1. How many Thermal monitors should i have?

2. If I mount the monitor directly on a core will it shut down the reactor if it gets too hot or is any other wiring involved?

3. If Wiring is involved will the water wash it away?

4. Is there a way to do a manual shutoff/on?

5. Any other Ideas?

I have some screencaps but don't know how to upload them to this it's asking for a url? if someone can tell me I can at least let you get an idea of what i'm talking about.

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If you are very unsure and want to experiment, use on of the mark on or near infinate reactors from this thread-> http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=2963 they are both efficent and safe.

I'm pretty sure you need to wire the monitor to the reactor, but since you should be able to do it without any washing off.

I'm pritty sure a lever works for a simple shut on off, any redstone signal should pause it.

Theres a lot you can do, but it all depends on how complex you want it.

If you are not using an externally cooled one, I would just use a safe one and not moniter it at all.

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