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[1.0.10] Chillax Tekkit Legends PvP/PVE [300 Slots][Factions/Towny][PvP/Griefing][Casino]


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Chillax Gaming presents Chillax Tekkit Legends!
Chillax Gaming is the community you want to relax in. You feel at home on Chillax Gaming, we make sure of it.

We are a community full of friendly interactive staff and strive to keep it that way no matter what, your concerns are our concerns.

This server listing is for our Tekkit servers, our tekkit servers has a PvP and a PvE server alongside each other. You join the hub and then enter the one of your preference. Both servers have a very low amount of items, we attempt our best to patch any broken items or destructive items instead of disabling them unlike our competitors.


IP: tekkit.chillax-gaming.com
Website: www.chillax-gaming.com

To join our servers just join the IP above and enter either the PvE or PvP server! For more information about the difference read below!
We are looking for staff too!

Tekkit PvE
We have Towny, on hard mode, this allows you to enjoy the aspect of killing monsters, building towns, and enjoying the game with friends. In this game mode you do not have to worry about Griefing, Being Killed, Stealing. All in all the PvE server is a safe place to enjoy this modpack.

Tekkit PvP
We have Factions, on hard mode, which allows you to enjoy the full PvP aspect of this modpack. In this mode you can go pwn some noobs and have fun while doing it; striving to be the top dog. You are allowed to enjoy the most best aspects of PvP, griefing, killing, and stealing.

Both Servers Include

  • Factions
  • Towny
  • Casinos
  • Shops
  • Lottery
  • Tons of Amazing Tools!


Banned Items (I know :( )

- None yet!


Any questions feel free to comment below or contact me via [email protected]

P.S. We are still working on adding more!


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