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Installing Tekkit 3.1.2 is currently broken due to unrecognized minecraft.jar


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Never ever ever ever ever seen this before.


Please explain your inane thought process as to why you think this is an issue.

EDIT : Could actually be something to do with Spout. And anyway, it's not as if you can rainbow table, as it's all handled through minecraft.net

The launcher downloaded the 1.3.2 minecraft.jar, dipshit.

asdf@asdf-vm:~/.minecraft/bin$ md5sum ~/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

969699f13e5bbe7f12e40ac4f32b7d9a /home/asdf/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

asdf@asdf-vm:~$ md5sum ~/.techniclauncher/temp/minecraft.jar

969699f13e5bbe7f12e40ac4f32b7d9a /home/asdf/.techniclauncher/temp/minecraft.jar

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Oh, and to jagerr94 from IRC: I TOLD you it was a launcher error this morning, but you wouldn't take your fingers out of your ears and stop shouting "JAVA PROBLEM JAVA PROBLEM JAVA PROBLEM, LOL WINDOWS 8" long enough to listen.

Also, I apologize to all parties involved for my bad mood. I think I missed some medication or something this morning...

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The original post was intended as a public service announcement to hopefully stave off a flood of questions regarding an issue that is generally difficult for newcomers to troubleshoot and will affect almost anyone performing a fresh install.

THIS is a bug report: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/looks-like-techniclauncher-is-downloading-minecraft-1-3-2-for-tekkit-3-1-2.21225/

If, however, the admins do feel like throwing me in kitty jail for the original post, I'll put on my big-boy pants and make sure not to drop the soap.

I'll be reassured by the knowledge that I took every measure possible as a non-administrator to help my fellow players through a difficult time, and also take pride in having demonstrated through the conversation above that I can put aside my differences with fellow players even when swords have been metaphorically crossed.

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Lookit, Skuli, I changed your thread icon.

Yeah, someone's already done a fix for it, like, hours ago.

It would be a good idea to post a link or description of the fix you came across. The forum has been moving faster of late, and not everyone might have noticed it.

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