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  1. Aha, I wondered if Big Reactors had been abandoned. I'll take a look.
  2. There's another round of general updates coming soon. This fixes some fairly critical bugs that have been outstanding for a while.
  3. I can probably slide that in. There's one more IC2 update I'm waiting on at the moment, so there will probably be another update before I make this live.
  4. Version 1.1.3 is available for testing now. This is a TEST release; please back up your worlds and/or servers before upgrading to this version! You will receive an error when loading your old world that the following blocks/items could not be found: Railcraft:cart.energy.cesu IC2:activeLuminator IC2:activeLuminator IC2:item.null These items will be replaced with AIR when your old world is loaded. This is unavoidable. You can select test/non-recommended builds by selecting "Modpack Options" on the main Tekkit Legends page in the official la
  5. I have had several PMs so far, I just have been too busy to set up the group. I should have something happening this week though.
  6. I need a few good players who are interested in beta testing. Please PM me your account information and your in-game Minecraft player name if you are interested.
  7. I'm going to lock this thread.  My Hexxit beta build has long been superseded by the pack Iskandar as put together, and this thread serves little purpose now.   Feel free to play the currently available 1.7.10 beta that I put together, but know that it's a dead-end.  Likewise feel free to discuss any topics from this thread in the main Hexxit if need be, lest this be interpreted as some sort of censorship.   A new beta thread will be created once public testing is again opened for the new builds.
  8.   I wouldn't be too worried about Hexxit, if that's your concern...
  9. Yes, I turned in my notice to Technic team a week or so ago.  I don't have the time to do what the packs need, so I have tossed in the towel and they've found another guy to take the reigns.   I have no idea where he's going with his Hexxit, but he's got some impressive credentials, so let's hope for the best!
  10. Is anyone running this SMP?  Have you noticed vanilla mobs not spawning, specifically the hostile mobs (skeletons/etc)?   I'm thinking there is a spawning issue here.
  11. I doubt I'll be adding any more mob mods to the pack; it's tough enough balancing spawning rules with just the ones that are already here!   Well, except the chocobo mod; clienthax has taken over that and it'll be added to the next update.
  12. I don't plan for it to be as hardcore as it currently is. Currently my aim for the beta is to test for crashes/mod compatibility, which has surprisingly not been a major issue. Having been playing this with my kids for several weeks, I'm pretty aware that the difficulty is much higher than typically you see, we're having a hard time even staying stocked with basics like iron ingots! Also, screw those flying Lycanite's mobs that spawn when it rains, and those little afrit things that spawn in lava. I hate those SO MUCH I cannot adequately describe it without inventing new words. One thing I'm
  13. Concapede invasion: Are you running MCPC+/Cauldron? Dual-wielding currently conflicts with the InventoryTweaks hotkey and one other mod; you can re-map the hotkeys or disable it completely to resolve the issue.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what the problem really is here; I've been playing Hexxit beta for many, many hours and I've collected plenty of ingots of all types and varieties?
  15. The freezing is due to objects generating in-game, like better dungeons and roguelike dungeons. I can't really do anything about that.
  16. So has anyone tinkered with Ancient Warfare yet? Are there too many butterflies?
  17. yeah, I already saw that reported in GotoLink's post, hopefully that'll have a fix soon.
  18. Please check the parent post for details on the new beta release.
  19. Something's jacked up on minecraft's servers. Keep trying.
  20. Also, look at the "weaponwield" command, it seems to have been added specifically to address this issue; I was able to equip a broadsword by highlighting it in my hotbar and then typing "/weaponwield right". *edit* Ah, MB2 seems to not allow weapons with a special right-click ability to dual-wield, which seems to be the issue here. */edit*
  21. Yeah, the infernal mob bug is fixed in an update, working on a new beta as we speak.
  22. Better Dungeons causes quite a few crashes right now. I'm eagerly awaiting an update for it.
  23. Asgard Shield won't be updated until 1.8, according to the minecraftforum link. Mine and Blade has been added, which is quite a lot of fun in a similar vein. I also didn't realize Immibis was not added to the betas, I'll rectify that with the next update! I have a few more of the old mods to add, like offlawn and hexxitgear that need to be pushed also. And yes, The Mining Dead was my server that I started in 2011, glad you liked it! Hope the zombies didn't kill you too much!
  24. Cauldron is back and legal. http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/forums/downloads.37/
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