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[1.0.10] TechnoCraft | Reloaded! | Welcome back to Technocraft guys. | Raiding | Factions | FunFunFUN | Non Profit | Few banned items | Whale come to the server!


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Down for Migration

Will be up after Christmas.(Hopefully)

Happy Holidays.










Hello and welcome back to...

TechnoCraft | Reloaded

It's here.

It's bigger.

It's better.

It's just the same as it used to be.

Whale come back to TechnoCraft guys!


For those of you who did not enjoy the great experience that was TechnoCraft, it's basically a non-profit server with very few plugins, apart from Factions, Essentials etc. that was started about a week ago. However, the owners did not have time to keep it going, and so it went down. So I, took it upon myself to create a new server, in the same style as the original. Hop on, and give it a try!

Yours sincerely, BritishBiscuit.

P.S.  People who played on the old server will get the veteran rank!

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