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Help: Disabling Certain Items From Being Used

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I have recently put up a Tekkit server for me and a couple friends.

I have noticed that a few items are too easy to get and way-overpowered (nano caber and nanosuit stuff)

I was wondering if there was a way to disable those few items from being used by everyone on the server.

So, if someone could tell me what where to find the files or whatever and change certain things, that would be great.

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I'm convinced that there is a way to find and delete/change certain files so that they wont display and use certain items in the pack.

I've done some time looking through files that he server runs off and I had no luck finding anything that would help me.

I also may try contacting the maker(s) of IC2 to see if they have the answer.

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I have had the same problem with disabling some EE items and this is what I have come up with:


if you have PermissionsEX plugin you can use ModifyWorld which will disable certain items depending in the permission node you do, this is pretty hard to use and also does not prevent them crafting the items

Then there is RecipeManager and BanRecipe:



But I found on the current version of Craftbukkit for tekkit (R4) they require spout plugin server only to work and spout broke my server so I gave up there, although they will not be dependent on spout for MC 1.2

What I have settled on to stop recipes is this little Gem I found while searching for a plugin:


its called RecipeRepo and it very simply bans any recipe, it doesn't have a lot of functionality ie multi world, permissions etc but will stop certain recipes from being crafted and works on Mods too. It was a godsend when I found this.

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with EE specifically i know that you can disable certain items (on the server im helping maintain we disabled the destruction catalyst and gem of infinite density.) in the mod_EE.props file if you go down near the bottom








































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Sorry for the thread bump but seeing as this thread is relevant to my problem it seemed alright.

I'd like to block certain items (armours) from the game as they greatly unbalance a few things on my server. Seeing as my goal is to work with mcdungeon to create dungeon runs for players, having armour that absorbs all damage ruins the difficulty and makes the dungeon pretty boring.

I've tried literally everything I could get my hands on but I have not been able to block nanosuit and since that didn't work I didn't bother with the other armours.

The itemid's I've used and tried in different config settings:

nanosuit, my test item was trying to craft nanoboots and this always worked

- '30175'

- '30174' 

- '30176'

- '30177'

- '30178'

- '29919'

I've tried worldguard which resulted in doing nothing to prevent me from using custom items. I could prevent myself from using the nanoboots on something or picking them up but I could not prevent crafting and wearing the item. Worldguard claims it should be able to detect items in the inventory and act accordingly but this did not seem to work.

Reciperepo This also did nothing to prevent the item from being crafted. The plugin itself shows up as working but does not block nanoboots.

Recipe Manager Since this appears to be in by default this seemed like a good option. However it requires the use of spout and that was giving me issues with tekkit.

Banrecipe Also did not work, plugin loads fine but just doesn't seem to block the item.

I'm fairly certain that I setup things correctly in all cases. I find it highly unlikely all plugins do not work as intended so I'm puzzled what the problem might be.

Another option would be to use MCEDIT to delete items manually from the world but that is too much of a hassle to do daily and not a good solution overall.

Is there something I'm overlooking or does anyone have any suggestions on what has worked for him/her? I'd really like to know.

Thanks in advance.

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You can try going for a more permissions based approach. Commandbook has a option which you can give certain players certain blocks which they can use. So for example a 'builder' group may look kind of like this: (In PermissionsEx)


prefix: '&3'


- -commandbook.items.246:5

- -commandbook.items.237

- -commandbook.items.224:3

- -commandbook.items.30208

- -commandbook.items.235

- -commandbook.items.27527

- -commandbook.items.27535

- -commandbook.items.27531

- -commandbook.items.27520

- -commandbook.items.128:10

- -commandbook.items.27527:11

- -commandbook.items.27534

- -commandbook.items.250:15

- commandbook.items.*

- modifyworld.*

- commandbook.who

I hope that works for you both.

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You can try going for a more permissions based approach. Commandbook has a option which you can give certain players certain blocks which they can use. So for example a 'builder' group may look kind of like this: (In PermissionsEx)


I hope that works for you both.

I don't think this allows me to ban recipes or remove items upon going into the players inventory. From what I gathered by taking a quick glance it only allows you to restrict certain items from commandbook so that players could not give themselves the items that are blacklisted or lacking permission.

What I'm looking for is to remove items entirely from the game by either disallowing the crafting or removing it from the inventory upon creation.


recipe repo seems to work solely for blocks (planks,quarry works, diamond sword does not), seeing as none of the earlier mentioned plugins seem capable of detecting item crafting I'm wondering if there's perhaps an issue with detecting items?



I came across Disablecraft which works flawless.

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