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  1. Guess I always been an asshole, tried to defend the point of some LPer I don't even watch but how dare I say that there is a problem with Technic, or even argue the fact. Instead I get some little prick who tries to be funny with some retarded link. please Ban my ass. I'm done with all things technic.
  2. probated, excellent. Someone brings up a valid argument and you punish them. Fanboys win again.
  3. Example of decent response to the post, I completely agree with what you say but it seems to be happening quite alot on various machines. Maybe its my Graphics card? I dunno. I found a solution that fits me and I will carry on using Tekkit as it works for me perfectly. I don't expect quick fixes and OMFG fix this bug now but I really dislike the 'fanboi' attitude from certain members of the community who instantly jump on the 'don't work for you, then you are retarded' Bandwagon, but I find its the attitude of general Minecraft population. This is a prime example of my statement above. Go back to diabloIII
  4. I have to agree that there is a problem with technic with the FPS and lag spikes. I noticed it with the current recommended build, I was getting a 40 - 60 Fps drops every 10 seconds or so and I have a very high end system which made things extremely frustrating. This is an out of the box Technic, nothing added and no config changed. I used Sphanx TP but even when I switched to Vanilla TP it stayed the same. Tried everything, reduced view distance, reduced detail on all settings. I would understand if I had a Super complex sorting system or some shit but this was after 6 hours of game-play. I decided to install the exact same mods the old fashioned way and I even copy pasted most of the configs for the Blocks IDs. You know what, it played as smooth as a babies butt, not a single lag spike, not even when I my world loaded a Millianaire Village or Castle. I quit using Technic that day (still use Tekkit with no problems) and I run my own setup of mods with all the Technic stuff and whole shitload more using the 4k block ID mod which is claimed does not work with Technic mods, I got them working with no problem, computer genius I am not. 2 mins on the Technic Bugs subforums: http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,10763.0.html http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,10504.0.html http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,10353.0.html Keep looking through and there are more and more of these 'lag' problems and it appears to be related to memory allocation and Garbage collection. The only advice people seem to get is to allocate LESS memory. and yet I can allocate 8Gigs to my non-technic pack with zero problems. How about the Technic Fanboys remove their heads from the Technic 'Developers'(lol?) asses for once. Congratz, you made a launcher, who cares?
  5. I didn't say it had anything to do with the name, it was just my opinion
  6. It is pretty funny to see these people log on to a server and they say 'is EE on?' we say no and they say 'Bye'. Although EE is a fantastic Mod it is just not balanced to work with the other Mods, it is so overpowered that it makes them all virtually redundant or at least as easy to do the 'endgame' as EE is. The pain with making Reactors or huge Solar farms is obviously getting the resources and EE make this trivial, negating the need for Buildcraft Quarries etc. I played on a full EE server and I was making my Diamond block mansion after 4 days, it just got dull.. The only items that suit Tekkit servers well are the Alchemy chests / bags, Repair Talisman and Divining Rods, everything else turn this Mod pack into 'EE and some other Mods you might use' EE doesn't look right in a Tekkit Mod pack, it should be all technological, not magical witchery shit.
  7. really? you can't see the really obvious 'Options' button on the launcher, its in the Bottom right corner, its labelled 'Options' where all the 'Options' are to do things like switch between Dev builds. Options!
  8. they need to be placed next to whatever they are powering before they are turned, be it a machine or a wooden pipe. You can't turn an Engine on it own.
  9. you need the R4 version of both or the earliest version prior to R4, I have linked the correct versions for both of them for you: PEX - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/permissionsex/files/8-permissions-ex-v1-18-package/ WG - http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldguard/files/4-world-guard-5-5-1/
  10. Re: Will there be a Tekkit 2.1x with Bukkit 1.1-R7 base? dunno what Dev build your looking at, mine says 1.1 for Tekkit
  11. I use this plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/terrain-control/ It works great with Multiverse and you can add all the Mod Ores in the config, its easy to use and you can make amazing worlds. The only thing I can't figure out is how to add Rubber Trees and Oil :/
  12. your not going to get any help here for server related Drama's, contact the server owner or look for a new server.
  13. I checked the WorldGuard Wiki and there seems to be a new Region Flag called 'Construct', Allow or block placing/breaking blocks. Maybe that will be the answer to our problems, guess we just got to be patient and wait for update :)
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