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Run server and client under OSX?

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Is there any way to run both Tekkit server and client under OS X?

Currently I cannot run the server *without* JDK7

And I cannot run the client *with* JDK7!

It seems that in theory at least, Tekkit server should be able to run using JRE7 (which the client can also use) but Tekkit server does not find JRE7.

Any ideas?


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As I said already: The Tekkit server will NOT run without JDK7. The Tekkit client will NOT run with JDK7.

I didn't say the server can't find JDK. It can find it just fine.

I said the server *should* be able to run using JRE so both server and client can be run at the same time.

Anyone managed to get both running at the same time?

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The loss of caspertheghost's server launcher will forever haunt old tekkit mac users...

If you really just want to run the tekkit server/client and don't mind loosing two mods, you could delete the server and client versions of advance machines and nether ores. From what I remember those are the only ones which use JDK7.

I've been doing that for a few versions now because I run things on snow leopard and can't use JDK7. I haven't had any problems since, and I don't miss the mods much.

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