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[Tekkit 3.1.2]Terra_Forge[PVE][12 Slots][Greylist][Factions][No Balkons][No Buildcraft][Teamspeak3]


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Terra_Forge [Tekkit Forge]


Terra_Forge [Tekkit] 3.1.2

IP: tekkit.terraforgenet.net

Teamspeak: tekkit.terraforgenet.net

Password: emoclew

2GB RAM - 12 Slots - 24/7

Factions - Essentials - LogBlock - LWC - Group Manager - Buycraft -Monster Apocalypse


New Map

New Players

[*] Read the rules on the forums posted below

[*] Apply on the web site to get server member access







--PvP is off --No Stealing --No Griefing

Monster Apocalypse



--I personally have little to no experience with RP and am horrible at it.

--If you wish to RP with friends then that's great.

--I am open to any suggestions that will make RP on this server even more enjoyable.

No Duping




------Terra_Forge Item Restrictions------


------Donor Package------

lasts 30 days

You will gain access to the following:

[commands and capabilities]

/back (on death)



/f create (only mods and donors can make factions)

User can use chat color, chat format

User is exempt from auto kick while afk

User can join full server

User can teleport without charge up or cool-down

[Advanced Starter Kit]

-1 MV Solar Array (183:1)

-1 MFE (227:1)

-32 Glass Fibre Cable (30184:9)

-4 MK2 Energy Collector (126:1)

-1 MK2 Relay (126:6)

-1 Crystal Chest (181:5)

------VIP Package------

Last for 61 days

[commands and capabilities]

All commands and perks from Donor package+

User can wear Quantum Suit

[VIP Kit]

-1 MV Solar Array (183:1)

-64 Glass Fibre Cable (30184:9)

-2 MFE (227:1)

-4 MK3 Energy Collector (126:2)

-1 MK3 Relay (126:7)

-1 DM Furnace (126:3)

-1 Crystal Chest (181:5)

-1 Watch of Flowing Time

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I would like to join the server, but I get the impression that it isn't necessarily new, so my only question is how old is it and how many players does it normally have?

It's kinda newish since we reset the map to create the 4 faction theme. not a lot of active players. we still need to fill a couple factions.

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