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Can any texture makers here make a guide?


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Hi guys,

can any texture pack maker here make a simple guide on how to make/edit the Technic/tekkit texture pack?

Where to get the textures?

Explaining which textures changes what

How to increase the resolution to x32 x64 x128 x215 x512?

Links for pixel art tutorials/lessons (in case there are any)

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Just posted this elsewhere but hey, might help you as well

where the textures are -> detailed here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/making-a-texture-pack.19185/

There is literally a ton of textures for tekkit, so I would suggest going through every .png file and see what you can recognize. If that fails, just write a number on it, save it in the rar file and start up minecraft. Note which side is numbered how and even though its a tedious process, it does work.

Increasing resolution: I use photoshop for editing, thus in Ps go to Image -> Image size and change accordingly. x32 will be 512x512, x64 is 1024x1024 and x128 is 2048x2048 etc. (x16 is 256)

Pixel art tutorial: Youtube is your friend =) http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pixel+art+tutorial

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