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Powering your rail system

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How are people powering their cart railcraft systems?

I started just by putting a powered rail every 6 blocks, but that suffers stalled carts a lot.

So then I put nothing but powered rails, with redstone torches underneath everyone. Seems totally overkill - especially as I have miles of track.

Finally I have ended up with bare redstone wire (which seems to run quite a way before running out of power), controlled by a wireless receiver every so often. Does the redstone current fade (therefore less power to the track) over distance?, or is the output constant along it until it reaches its maximum cable length? Hope that makes sense

As a total side question that I don't think is worth its own thread....... when I place a painting, I can only ever get half the images in the KZ.png file (in the art folder of Sphax textures). Any idea why I can't obtain all of them?

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Try High Speed Rails - a neat railcraft track that makes you go amazingly fast(Be careful to read the wiki though, you need to slow them down afterwards otherwise you'll explode.

The Sphax texture is probably because Sphax is compatible with a mod that adds more sizes of paintings and has them built in - you're probably not getting them because they're built for a currently non-existent picture size.

Also, redstone current will fade after about 16 blocks, but not in Redpower2 Red Alloy Wires.

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