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Server Error, Only via Internet Lan is ok?


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SO just the other day, a server I run at home started having an issue with a what seems to be a certain area of a map. I know it sounds like a chunk error, but it only happen when you connecto over the internet. Connecting over the lan is fine. We are running Tekkit 3.1.2, worldguard, and worldedit.

The problem starts with very laggy levers, now there is a bunch of stuff in this area. Mainly Tanks with water and lava. Also there are redstone engines. But the levers take a bit to change. Eventually you get kicked with the end of stream error. But when you reconnect, there are only a few chunks that load. Everything else is missing.

I thought it was my friends computer as it was only happening to him. He completely reinstalled. Windows and tekkit, and the problem still happens. Finally we thought maybe it was a server thing. So i sent him the tekkit folder and world to run from his server, and now the problem happens to me.

We didnt reinstall the server from scratch just a ftp transfer of the entire folder. Any ideas? Its only two people that play on this server, myself and my friend


We did a reinstall of the server, but using the world folder and the problem is still there.

I should have noted the hardware.

The server is a Dell Poweredge 2850

Dual 3.6 Xeons

6Gb or Ram (4 dedicate to tekkit)

6 146gb 10K scsi in RAID 5

Internet is 30mb down 1mb up

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Unfortunately no. We ended up moving the server to my buddies house since the area In question was his. Since he would be connected via the LAN he wouldn't have any issues. Then I just don't go over there. When we did move the server I tried going into the area and I then had the problem. We weren't sure if it was the levers or red stone engines. Good luck!

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