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Need help finding a mod

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I know tekkit apparently runs on bukkit which is all fine and dandy, but there is a specific mod my friends and I want on our server, it's one that simply makes it so that if you chop a tree down at the bottom block (well any block really) with an ax then all blocks above it on that tree fall at once. Because of the way our tree farm is set up we keep getting Mega Trees and wanted a simpler way to cut them down. It was one of the more realistic mods we had found before. The problem comes in that I don't know if it would contradict with any of the tekkit mods, so I ask here for help in finding a mod that does the afformentioned things, but is also agreeable with tekkit, and maybe some help on how to put it in? Any help is nice, thanks.

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Has no conflicts but you may want to add this line to the config, it will add the 3 gem axes, brass axe and chainsaw

AllowedTools: WOOD_AXE,STONE_AXE,IRON_AXE,GOLD_AXE,DIAMOND_AXE,X30199,X1284,X1285,X1286,X30233

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