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Render Distance, and mountains


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Heyah Folks,

new minecrafter here (wish I had not waited so long to try it out) and new tekkit host (just me and my friend).

We're running into 2 different issues/possible issues.

1: Render distance in tekkit vs vanilla minecraft seems... low.. very low..

I've fiddled with the settings, set the server view-distance to 15 which seems to be the max

and no matter what we cant get a decent view distance. so cant really tell if there's mountains in the distance, etc. The system can certainly handle the task, it just seems extremely limited from minecraft itself, not sure how to fix this, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

2: Mountains.

... where are the mountains! :P part of the joy of minecraft was sweeping terrain with big mountains, hills, canyons, etc, granted we're finding canyons, caves, etc, but so far no really nice big mountains to traverse. We've restarted the worlds multiple times but keep getting basic hill terrain with 1 or 2 LOW volcanos (by that I mean, hardly considered a mountain, more like a hill of stone and molten rock.

Any suggestions on how to resolve these two things ?

Thanks guys!

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View distance is how many chunks you are loading into your view. The game limits it to 15 because that's what is loaded around you (a chunk is a 16x16...or 64x64 block area, from top to bottom of map). The game can only show those 15 because that's all it has loaded into memory.

The worlds are randomly generated. Completely. There is some seed based system that I don't fully understand but it determines the math that generates your world and the chunks that comprise it. That you are not running into mountains is not the fault of you or the game. With quick google searching you can find plenty of seeds that could designate exactly what you want. And the point of the game isn't to traverse, it's to MINE! get in those caves and GUT THEM!

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