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Extremely Large Tekkit Server looking to transfer ownership.


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This is not set in stone. I'm looking for replies and/or a good general discussion why I should or should not transfer my ownership.

I'm not going to disclose the actual server name (wont be hard to find).

I own a extremely successful tekkit server, over 3 months we've had roughly 35,000 players log in ( I check this by the player.dat files located in the mc/world/players file).

My Co-Owner and myself are working around 70 hours a week (IRL).

Short stroy; after two years we dont have time anymore.

I'm looking to find a VERY NICE, VERY FRIENDLY, server owner that would like to "absorb" my server files, (spawn, map, permissions, ranks, admins, mods, players, DNS/IP, donations, !!EVERYTHING!!). Basically a copy / paste of my map to your server and flip the switch.

I'm willing to log into the server, configure the files, the port, etc. And launch it. I'll switch my URL/DNS to point to your IP.

I'm around on skype 24/7 to answer questions on these files.

What comes with it?

35,000 players over the past 3 months.

Anarchy server - They blow each others bases up and create major factions.

Spawn (protected from anarchy)

Mob Arenas

Amazing "world" spawn.

(Hopefully my admins, staff - if you choose- they are ROCK solid).

Webdomain ($5 monthy)

(Dedicated server $180 monthly) - unless you have one already

Ded = 32GB ram, xeon 1270v2, 1gbps connection, 1 tb hdd, 1 ssd 128.

Voting system completely configured.


The server files I plan to make a "Suite" and release to the tekkit community to help it thrive for new players - (This server contains all the patches, work arounds, correct banned items. etc. etc). this more than likely will be link to my site where you can download the files from.

The person that does decide to take my traffic and host, we can just upload the files directly VIA SSH-FTP.

These files will help new tekkit servers get started. The files " aka permissions and complete plugin configurations" are basically professionally done.

So multiple people will have this server, but you will take over the playerbase, the name, ownership and everything included.


Keep my admins (unless they screw up)

Keep myself and my co-owner as admins.

Give me access to help you develop with tekkit updates or fix bugs.

You must understand complete knowledge of tekkit, and BUKKIT configs.

This server must be released along the lines of tera-nova, or vidplace7 type of server.

What do I want out of this?

24 pack newcastle

24 pack newcastle for co-owner

You to host this beast.

Good ownership (dont let it go to waste).


Please post to me why you believe you can accept this huge responsibility.

I need mature Adults only. Legit services ( I may require skype to view you to login to review server specs ) or otherwise proof of specs.

I wont accept anything lower than a xeon 1270v2 with 16GB.

I will not let this go lightly.

// Edit removed the special thanks @ request.

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