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  1. Out of curiosity, I made a big reactor full of Yellowrium in Creative to see what happens when you redline the temps. Nothing happens, apparently, but you do get loads of power this way. Over 5k/t with a 3x3. It would be nice to see a IC2 Reactor-like super explosion depending on how big the reactor is.
  2. Be glad it isn't "realistic", or you'd be using 90 percent of fuel to get to just the moon.
  3. I tried BukkitForge-1.5.1-289.jar as well as 288, but it says that it's missing the manifest, and closes out. EDIT: I didn't know BukkitForge was a mod, I thought it was a server. So, BF goes in the coremods folder, and you launch the normal Tekkit. MCPC+ 398 works, but I lag out when I log in. Just one user. I can't run a Tekkit server without the PEX plugin (don't give me heat about PEX), as I use the mysql backend to synchronize permissions across more than one server. There is no other permissions plugin that lets me do that two ways like that, neither bPermissions (which is equally shoddy), and zPermissions (which uses the server's own database, not one I can spec). There is a PEX Mod on 9minecraft, which integrates PEX into MCPC+, but that doesn't solve the lagout problem. It would be nice if the Forge team would build off of bukkit, so we wouldn't have to deal with all this. So, I am still unable to get multiple worlds going. Using Wormhole X-Treme Worlds crashes when I try to create a world.
  4. Yeah, those that complain about EE3 not having collectors, are you that lazy to not try a challenge? You want diamonds, try mining for them!
  5. Something tells me I'd better stick with the regular CB
  6. A 12 person server can run on a Athlon X2 2.7, but I run my servers on a Phenom II X4 955 3.2 Ghz. They're cheap to buy on ebay and you can use them in Socket AM2+ and AM3 and AM3+ boards with no problems, which makes upgrading easy.
  7. HyperThreading was a way to make the CPU more effective when shuffling threads back in the Pentium 4 days. In short, when a process runs, it has to have data in the CPU's cache in order to do anything. If that data hasn't gotten there yet, the process has to reload. On a old Pentium 4, the pipeline took 20 clock cycles to "flush", which made it super slow. HyperThreading would run another process while the first one was reloading, so that it's not wasting that time. These reloads happen a lot when computers run. Since the Prescott Pentium 4, disabling HyperThreading has no benefit to performance, and therefore is recommended you leave it on. Also, disabling cores won't help with speed. Making it run on one core means you now have the whole OS and the Tekkit Server vying for time on the CPU. If ANY background process starts chugging, it will lag the whole shebang. Just keep all your cores enabled.
  8. Not gonna find a system that fast for that price. I built mine from parts on ebay, so it's a 3.2 GHz Phenom II 955 (3.2 GHz Quad Core), 8 GB DDR2, and so on and so forth. Also, I put a cheap graphics card so that integrated graphics wouldn't bog the system. And yes, it does make a difference. I can also upgrade the system by dropping in an AM3+ board and DDR3 RAM and use the existing CPU.
  9. You want your CPU to be over 3 GHz to really run those higher player numbers with speed.
  10. If you can't run Ubuntu 64-bit you need a more powerful server computer.
  11. More like your entire base and all the scenery around it as well.
  12. That reminds me, I should name my phone "linksys" just to see how many people try to connect to it.
  13. EE originally was about matter->energy->matter. The collectors eliminate the matter->energy part. Condensors are an interesting way to do it, but the problem had with EE is the fact that the whole mod relies on the 3 step process. Because Minecraft Physics (see: Cobblestone Generator), you can shortcut the first step relatively easy. Cobble might have an EMC value of 1, but it doesn't take too long to have a cobble generator setup with a Redpower Block Breaker farm piping to a condensor, making diamonds at a speedy pace. There's also the Collector part. It takes power from any light source, so it's easy to make a bottom-of-the-world collector farm using Glowstone, and that's where the endgame gets to the ridiculous part. In a matter of days, I can have chests of red matter, enough to start a world eating black hole, or make a superpowered toolset with explosive properties. It would be better if Collectors required the zombie-burning power of the sun to do their thing, like how IC2's Solar Panels work, but that would only slow down the ridiculous speed at which items can be conjured up. If anything, a Tekkit Server does well by having Collectors disabled, as that more or less returns EE to a mod more like its name.
  14. LWC since 4.1.1 can protect custom block ID's and damage values, as well as the whole range, by modifying the config file. Alternately, you can put a sign on the machine and protect the sign to protect the block it's placed on. Lockette is easy to circumvent, and any storage can be pumped out using pipes if you don't protect the area around them.
  15. Towny is cool, tried it, but I still like how Residence works. I intend to still be one of the few (or maybe the only) servers with Tekkit and Residence.
  16. Those colored crosses will just point to the fake ores, and using Engine Mode 2, the whole world underground becomes fake ores. Because Orebfuscator changes the data before sending it to the client, no mod can see past it without also being installed on the server. The only other way is the user gets bypass permissions in Orebfuscator using the Permissions system.
  17. It is, cuboid selection in Residence works with a wood axe, (or I made it a wood shovel to not conflict with WorldEdit), left-click 1 point, right-click the diagonally opposite, /res create [zone_name]. Simple. Want bedrock to sky? /res select vert The point is its self-serve area protection. There are very, very few self-serve protections out there. Only other one I would consider is BananaRegions, which is done with fences and a sign.
  18. I tried running a server in a VM before.... Terraria in a VirtualBox (because I refuse to use TShock due to questionable developers on the team) on my Ubuntu Server with a super stripped down XP to run the server with. It sucked, lagged terribly, and all around had performance problems everywhere. Running it through Mono using the old TDSM (which is no longer in development because T-Mod, now TShock overshadowed it) was much, MUCH faster. Since no one is willing to try and get the Terraria Server to work in wine (and because wine has broken package dependencies in Ubuntu Server 12.04), I have decided not to host my little Terraria Server anymore, and concentrate on the Minecraft servers. I hate to sound like a hater, but Macs are not the most efficient servers. The operating system has a lot of overhead, which means less memory available for the task. It's why I have a Linux server and not a DELL running a stripped down XP. Less overhead, and also I can (and did) upgrade the hardware much more easily.
  19. Towny is nice, but it protects by the chunk. While I know it isn't the best, Residence has the best potential. I have used it on my server since the Beta map, when the map seed changed drastically enough to require a new map. Since it does cuboid protections, and allows you to set them three-dimensionally, set land to be leased or purchased, rentable, etc. it makes for a lot lower overhead admin-ways. Users can protect their own property by annexing land and paying with any Vault-compatible economy system. Residences can also have subzones, so you can have a zone that's a whole city area, and zones nested inside for plots of land in the zone.
  20. Well, Tekkitly, LWC's latest version can let you lock any block, provided you put it in its config. Just put BlockID or BlockID:Sub to protect a specific block ID, or BlockID:* to protect a whole range. I actually requested this feature, and Hindy put it in.
  21. I would normally take the Paragon route in this sort of thing. My suggestion? Stop trying to justify eachother and And yes, the image is totally warranted.
  22. Does this patch work with 3.0.4 or have they changed the classes up?