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Craftable End Portal Frame


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If you actually cared about it getting added you wouldn't hastily throw the suggestion around in the first section you found. And you would use actual grammar and punctuation.

We aren't the mcforums, "plz" just gets you ridiculed around here.

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but that is so tiring you know like standing in front of a coal furnace oh wait you don't have to stand there you can pipe it out oh wait there's more you also don't have to waste you coal thanks to electricity (oh and by the way electricity and pipes aren't vanilla they are MODS)

Butt... you havn't got to use coal for eletricity and what has that got to do with anything?

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thats cool so where did you learn to mod?

I learned C++ in college, learned the difference between it and java a couple months ago (though it's still an ongoing operation), and now to mod MC specifically from the questions subsection and the tutorials linked within.

Now please don't post to my profile as if I've left you hanging for weeks. I do have better things to do than sit on these boards every waking second...

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