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MOMECorp's 'Survive and Thrive in the Belt'


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Here at MOMECorp, we practice science... not safety. And that's the basis for our new let's play series-- how to survive and thrive in the Belt.


Watch us try to survive MOMECorp's most hostile map ever-- the explosive terror known as the

'Asteroid Belt'.. Will there be tears? Space madness? And most of all, will we get grass?

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Episode List (May contain adult language and/or mature themes)

Episode 1 - We establish 'smart buddies', gwth eats rotten flesh, and I build a stair case! Featuring: mtb1993, skylord_guardian, gwth, and Antika5

Update - Just a short check-in on our food situation.

Episode 2 - This episode we venture outside of the rock. Mack tries fishing in oil, John explodes, and I am murdered by spiders

Episode 3 - This episode Gwth makes a pina colada, I get lost, and Mack catches a fish. Then it explodes!

Episode 4 - This episode I build a tree farm, we break our fishing rod, and gwth and mack die looking for string!

Episode 5 - Recharged after our time in the cave, Gwth, Mack and I set out to get some energy for a generator. Things get pretty tense as we try to make a battery.

Episode 6 - In this episode we try to cut down on our swearing. Gwth suffers from space madness, Mack is extremely witty, and I do an impression of a cow! :D

Episode 7 - In this episode John and I look for tin, Gwth makes the geothermal generator, and we all explode!

Episode 8 - John spends time in restraints, we go over our ugly house upgrades, and Gwth and I show off pro mining skills.

Episode 9 -Mack discovers a handy glitch, we make fun of Survivor, and I fail to build a cobble generator!

Episode 10 - Tink and I tour some of the improvements made to our home, Gwth makes a plantball, and I catch on fire... several times.

Episode 11 - I make an uncomfortable realization about canning machines, Tink reinforces important safety rules, and we get one step close to making a trip to the mob arena.

Episode 12 - We illustrate common (and not so common!) ways to die in the Belt, ending with the mob arena (finally!!)

Episode 13 - I hurt my back, John and Tink give us a tour and we survive a full episode without dieing! (maybe we all learned something from Ep12)

Episode 14 - Gwth is locked out of the house, John explains a 3x4 room, and Tink invents some new swear words.

Episode 15 - John makes nuclear weapons, I fight a spider, and Tink comments on our big purple balls. :o

Episode 16 - I explain some belt mob science discoveries, John makes a stick, and we set out to kill some endermen.

Episode 17 -We further our experimentation while trying to collect enderpearls... with (generally) disastrous consequences.

Episode 18 - I finally complete the lag free watermill system!

Episode 19 - We review some changes to the base, my project explodes, and tink shows us mining heaven!

Episode 20 - Arbos Labs is here to save the day, and fix the enderfail farm!

Episode 21 - Arbos Labs finishes up the ender farm (sorta)!

Episode 22 - Gwth teaches some precision mining techniques, I make laser gun sounds, and we finally find a use for all the oil around our base.

Episode 23 - Arbos Labs is in the house! This episode, Stuart fails at doing intros, John plans for some chicken romance, and we win the belt. Seriously.

Episode 24 - I run solo for a bit, focusing on some of the Redpower wiring for the Chickenator 50000.

Episode 25 -I derp around some more with the Chickenator wiring, drink really loudly, and realize I have no idea what an RS-latch is for.

Episode 26 - In the final episode of the season, John and I finally finish the chickenator. I get trapped in an egg pen, and chickens cluck for mercy!

Episode 27 - In this special season finale, things go... terribly wrong. Get a sneak peak at what's in store for us in Season 2!

About the Map

'The belt' as it is so fondly called, is a pvp enabled death trap. It's a series of unstable asteroids, full of explosive ores and bits of debris from some former planet. It's also where MOMECorp disposes all of it's garbage... and our crew of ill-fated volunteers.

Monsters are more vicious here; skeletons shoot flaming arrows, everything can break blocks, and creepers tend to spawn from the remains of anything you kill. Oh and ... mob damage is excessively high.


About Us

Server: minecraft.occupies.me

Apply: On our applications thread!

Official thread: In the Technicpack Deluxe Server forum

Website: http://geekplanet.ca/mome

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