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modifyworld items not banned ! need help

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i have a tekkit server and i use modifyworld en pex

my server is runnig great but i can't get items banned with pex and modify

i have this in my modifyworld config

enable: true

item-restrictions: true

inform-players: true

whitelist: false

use-material-names: false

drop-restricted-item: false

item-use-check: false


message-format: '&f[&2Modifyworld&f]&4 %s'

default-message: Sorry, you don't have enough permissions

modifyworld.items.use: Stop, &a$1&4 won't fit into &a$3

modifyworld.login: You are not allowed to join this server. Goodbye!

modifyworld.blocks.interact: You are too jelly for &2$1

modifyworld.blocks.place: This is wrong place for &a$1

modifyworld.blocks.destroy: '&a$1&4 is tough for you'

modifyworld.damage.deal: Your level is too low for &5$1

modifyworld.chat: Your mouth is too dry

modifyworld.chat.private: Listener is deaf :(

modifyworld.items.have: Prohibited item &a$1&4 has been removed from your inventory.

modifyworld.items.drop: This is indecent to scatter &a$1&4 around

modifyworld.items.craft: Sorry, but &a$1&4 is too complicated

modifyworld.items.enchant: Sorry, &a$1&4 is too dangerous

modifyworld.vehicle.enter.boat: You are too heavy for this &a$1

modifyworld.vehicle.enter.minecart: Sorry, but &a$1&4 is too small

modifyworld.vehicle.destroy: This &a$1&4 is legal property of &bUnited States of America

modifyworld.tame: This &a$1&4 is too ferocious

modifyworld.bucket.fill: This bucket is holey

modifyworld.bucket.empty: You suddenly realized you still need &a$1

modifyworld.usebeds: You can't sleep yet, there are monsters nearby

and in my PEX permissions i have this :



default: true


- modifyworld.*

- -modifyworld.items.(craft|drop|have|pickup).(30208:?*|27584:?*|27574:?*|27533:?*|137:3|150:1|27579:?*|27580:?*|27581:?*|27582:?*|27570:?*|27538:?*|27573:?*|27530:?*27532:?*|27593:?*|126:4|126:10|126:11|126:3|27531:?*|27583:?*|27530:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27556:?*|27555:?*|27532:?*|27534:?*|127|169|208|237|128|27594)

- -modifyworld.blocks.(place|interact|destroy). (30208:?*|27584:?*|27574:?*|27533:?*|137:3|150:1|27579:?*|27580:?*|27581:?*|27582:?*|27570:?*|27538:?*|27573:?*|27530:?*27532:?*|27593:?*|126:4|126:10|126:11|126:3|27531:?*|27583:?*|27530:?*|27570:?*|27527:?*|27556:?*|27555:?*|27532:?*|27534:?*|127|169|208|237|128|27594)

plz can some1 help me ?


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I think your problem is you have modifyworld.* before the exclusions. If you place it after, I think then it'll work as expected. From my brief using of it (we just swapped to PEX) I've found that it seems to go in order on looking for permissions. Course I may be wrong since I'm having issues getting philospher stone to disable for the beginning groups in our server, but reenabled for the later groups.

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