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  1. Been a while since the OP updated what works and what still don't. I assume most plugins are working now?
  2. I have a small server with some plugins like town, gods, trade, etc... hit me up on Skype and I can tell you more. Name is Megatarre
  3. Had same problem and started to use noitem and everything worked right off the bat.
  4. I did not say it makes it lag less, It's easy to use yes and free for someone learning how to set up and add plugins and permissions. Why go out and spend $15.00 a month on a server that may or may not be used when I can use Hamachi and learn how to do what I want the correct way without spending a shit ton of money. Also Port forwarding is not something I have decided to learn yet. I am like *FACEPALM*
  5. my Hamachi Server: Megatarre Corps LLC

    Password: 123654 or 123456

    Server IP:

    Log in and help build!

    saw your post a few mins ago

  6. can you move my post to the art section instead of the cafe section? THANKS!

  7. Thanks wonder if a mod would just move me there instead of creating a whole new post..
  8. Yes I found out that signs are disabled by default now have to go in delete the # next to the signs name to enable them.
  9. OK All EE items disabled! Any other mod too OP? Also trying to get towny advance to load in my server but I keep getting mod disabled and a question asking is it up to date using v0.80.1.0 I downloaded the 1.2.5 one thinking the 1.3 would cause problems I also get unable to read craft bukkit version and towny requires version 2149 or higer. Do I need to download the 1.3 version? Also I cant create sell and buy signs when in op mode?
  10. Sphax Pure BDcraft HD64x are very Nice! http://bdcraft.net/patchs-for-bdcraft-texturepacks
  11. Feel Free to log in anytime an test it!

  12. If you go to my profile and look at my SIG you will see server Info Atm I am the only mod but would like to add more once server is up and running..
  13. I have a server I am working on and is almost set up and ready for people to play on I just have to ban some items and get a spawn built up. If your interested let me know the server info is in my sig. This is so that you can learn before you start paying money for one!
  14. II got it to work Thanks for that plugin, now I can disable the op stuff.
  15. ok Great going to give it a shoot will let you know if it works!
  16. Will give that a shoot. Will noltem conflict with anyother plugins?
  17. Yep I remove permissions.* from brian9103 (me) and now the permissions work so far!!
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