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I can only make bronze out of dusts


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I have a server but we can only make bronze of dusts (3 copper dusts and 1 tin dust. It gives 2 bronze dust)

It used to be crafted with 3 copper ingots and 1 tin ingot and that made 4 bronze ingots. Do anyone know where in the configs i can edit so i get the old recipe?

Please help

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In Forestry there is no macerator, so it used the Ingots.

So in Forestry if you smelted the Ore, you'd get 1 Ingot for each ore.

So it may appear that you're getting 2 fewer Bronze Ingots, but you're using Dust instead of Ingots, so on a per Raw Ore basis it's really the same.

Ore into Dust:

3 Copper Ore = 6 Copper Dust

1 Tin Ore = 2 Tin Dust

6 Copper Dust + 2 Tin Dust = 4 Bronze Dust = 4 Bronze Ingots

Ore into Ingots:

3 Copper Ore = 3 Copper Ingots

1 Tin Ore = 1 Tin Ingot

3 Copper Ingots + 1 Tin Ingot = 4 Bronze Ingots

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