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People using battery boxes, wire, and multiple solars


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Just FYI...

THIS is overkill:


This, from as far as I've tested, running as fast as possible, and through the night, works just fine:


This has just been bugging the hell out of me lately... It's just not necessary unless you're running an electric furnace for a long period of time. This other stuff? They use next to no energy at all, they'll run straight through the night without hardly making even a dent in their internal battery, not to mention the invisible one that solar panels have.

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I've managed to run a sorting machine non-stop with nothing more than a solar on top, ran for several hours and never had any problems.

As for frame motors and pumps, I have not tested those.

Pumps are a decent drain because in most cases they're working for long periods of time. I've had one drain a couple of batbox's with 8 solars attached, but it was also running for many minecraft days draining a lava ravine.

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