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[3.1.2] Excentric Gaming [PvA][30 Slots][Open][Towny + iConomy][EE Semi-Disabled]


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Server Connection Info

IP Address: play.excentricgaming.co.uk

Backup IP:

Website: http://excentricgaming.co.uk

Read the rules before joining!


How to Connect

  1. Download the latest Tekkit pack from here
  2. Open the launcher and choose Tekkit from the list on the left
  3. Enter your Minecraft login details and click login (Don't worry, your details are secure)
  4. Once your game is loaded, select multiplayer
  5. Click 'add server' and enter the IP listed above
  6. Double click the server in the list and you're in!

Make an Account

You can earn added permissions in game and eventually gain the regular rank by completing the steps below. You don't have to do this to play but it benefits you and us if you do!

  1. Make an account on the forum here
  2. Go the following link and follow the instructions. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please make an application on the forum in the mean time.
  3. Once you have completed the form you will be instantly promoted to registered!

Why do you need to register?

The simple fact is, you don't need to. However, it helps us keep track of our players such as their age group, what timezones they are in and whether or not they have been previously banned from other servers. So it helps you as much as us really! We need this information from you so we can keep known greifers out and we ensure there is always an admin on. We use your age group to determine whether we should install profanity filters in the future to stop you youngsters reading foul language on the server! Making an account also lets you join in with our community and stops people from being left out. We don't just play Minecraft, we play all sorts of games! So please register and I hope you have an awesome time here!

Installed Plugins

Updated as of 15th September 2012

These are some of the plugins we have installed that players can use with the required permissions. The help commands are highlighted in blue so need to ask in game chat!

  • Towny - /towny ?
  • Lightweight Chest Protection (LWC) - /lwc
  • iConomy - /money ?
  • Chest Shop - /chestshop
  • World Border - Map is limited to 4000 blocks across in a circle, not a square
  • Comfort - Shift right click to sit on a stair block! (Donators only)
  • BuyCraft - /buy
  • Death Chest - /dc (Donators only)
  • Essentials - /help essentials
  • Modreq - /modreq
  • Redhat - /hat hand (Donators only)
  • Votifier - No commands but go to the voting page to vote for us!

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Overall I rate this server highly. It's pretty much lag free however there are a few things to be aware of.

1. There is currently a limit of how far you can venture into the world from spawn. This is a 4000 block diameter (round) which isn't to bad but i'd imagine if the server get alot more active members this could increase.

2. Crop, Tree growth and leaf decay has been decreased so it takes long for the stuff mentioned to happen. This again Is still something that could change if and when they perhaps get upgrades. The current reason for this is to help ensure lag is at a minimum.

3. Hostile mobs seems to spawn very rarely (from what I've noticed) You could spend a whole night out in the wild and only see 3 or 4 hostile mobs. I personally would like to see them spawn more often but if it going to increase lag I'll live with it. :)

If your wanting a nice relaxing server get on, I can't really fault it simply because it's a tekkit server with next to no lag.

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Thanks for the review Patty! I like to hear feedback so I can improve your gameplay!

1. There is a limit on the world map, this isn't to reduce lag but it is to keep people at a reasonable distance from each other. 4000x by 4000y is a lot of ground and if we do get bigger I will defiantly up the limit.

2. This is something I am still tinkering with, I removed the standard Bukkit and installed CB++ to help with some performance issues. The server has been running fine however with near enough 20/30 people at all times so I will increase the growth rate by a but a more and see how it holds up!

3. Same as number 2, I'll up the limit and see how it goes!

I hardly get to play Tekkit at the moment because I've spent all my time setting up and tinkering with the server so haven't had a change to test spawn rates out. See you on the server soon dude :).

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jshain, you just come on. Its usually best to add both the main IP and the back up one. Have a look around and if you like it go to there forums and sign up. Once you've done that you make a post applying for more privileges. This gives you stuff like the different chat channels and being able to make or join a town to make your build protected.

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