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[3.1.2]EXOcraft[PVE Survival][30slot][Open][Towny, BOSEconomy, Signshop][No EE]


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The reason to why we started this server is that we want a server where people play together, build togheter and where the economy is thriving, we want a strong community but without the hassle of whitelisting. We also decided on disabling EE for the pure and simple reason that it's overpowered and the idea of getting something from nothing is not an idea we are very fond of.

Our Main Plugins

- BOSEconomy

- Towny

- Essentials

- Signshops

- Worldborder

- Worldguard

- Nolagg


No Griefing or stealing

No PVP unless agreed upon

No Spamming and/or being rude

No Disrespecting of Admins or other players

No Destruction of landscape(industrial purposes not included) which means no flying trees, dirttowers and/or shitty dirtbuildings

Banned Mods

Equivalent Exchange

Banned Items:



Mining Laser

Restricted items:

Nuclear Reactors

Computercraft computers

SPAWN, Including the main shop (not seen in this image) which is located under water!

how awesome is that!


"Florance" a player run town on the server, Asgard is seen in the background.


"Riverby" - Small settlement in the outskirts of the spawnarea.


"New Hope" is the open server-founded newbie town, everbody is welcome here.


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Small update on building Progress.

Currently planing to build a big city somewere but we need to build a road to it first.

Also alot of people have build there house.

Bridge that is being build towards the new city:


A humble town:


More of the humble town:


The road:


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Lovely server in a refeshingly early stage. Loving it so far.


Ok, theres a slight lack of interest in resolving/investigating griefing-problems. A pitty, as that is something that –in my opinion– is vital to the survival of any server. Hope that gets gets better :)

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Hey i would like to apply for Admin or Mod

Ign= Yamto (Obvirosly)

I'm a very helpful player and i would like to help you more with being staff

real name = James

Age= You no my age

I don't know what to put here becuase you know a lot about me at the moment

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hey spartan! Just a heads up, the minecraft multiplayer servers are down right now and have been for a short while. hopefully they'll be up soon..


^thead talking about it being down


^actual webpage being discused (not working for me :( )

also on the reddit.com/r/minecraft page, on the side bar they have a little service status list (the five redstone lamps) if you cant get the help.mojang page to work. Right now it says that session.minecraft.net is down, which is whats preventing you from connecting to the server.. I think X)

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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