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Rid of RMF

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Yeah I think the Red Matter Furnace is supposed to be able to produce 2 ingots per 1 ore... which is really the same as Industrial Craft turning 1 ore into 2 dusts, which then turn into 2 ingots. That's why the Red Matter Furnace won't work with dusts, only the raw ores.

1 Ore -> Macerator -> 2 Dust -> Furnance = 2 Ingots

1 Ore -> Red Matter Furnace = 2 Ingots

Same outcome, but the Red Matter Furnace is MUCH faster, and more fuel efficient.

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Just turn furnaces off in the EE config file, closer to the bottom. The DM furnace only has a chance of double output on ores, anyway, so people don't like using it when the IC2 stuff guarantees double output (but uses power).

Can you be more specific on how to do that? Where's the file and how exactly do you turn it off? (second question is just so i don't have to post later if i can't figure it out.)

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Yeah, I was being a bit facetious. On topic: Alchemical Chests can dupe their contents if placed, filled, then broken by someone else. There's a micro-patch floating around for them that empties the contents onto the ground before they're broken.

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