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Java fails to download


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I download Java se jdk but I can't open it. When I try to it makes me download the program again and again.

It's so fucking annoying, I can't mod now because they haven't bothered to actually put any effort into bug testing. Their support is shit, they talk a load of technical rubbish.

I need some help from people that know how to get passed this brick wall.

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1: They just released a patch to a major vulnerability, give it a couple days for them to figure out their crap.

2: If it still doesn't work, try the download on another computer.

Thanks, is this a glitch that they know about right? Can you give me a link to the patch, if this is true then you sir have gave me new hope.

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Java 7 has a critical security vulnerability they just released an update to fix, yesterday or the day before. As such, they need to update all their java products to include the patch, like the jdk.

But that's just a possibility, I don't know for sure if it's a problem on their side or yours.

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