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I use Worldguard fairly successfully on my server. The key is replacing the WorldEdit build that comes with Tekkit with the latest version available.

Other then that you may have some issues with Worldguard not recognizing some of the new block types as well.

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Worldguard depends on the latest version of Worldedit to function properly. So make sure thats working properly first (Tekkit does NOT come with the latest version!).

I used a configuration file from a previous Worldguard setup on another server so perhaps thats why I am not having any trouble.

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If you dont mind... could you by chance link me the correct sites?

Link to SK89q's site:



1) Click Worldedit

2) Click Download *towards the bottom*

3) New window opens: "Bukkit Dev"

4) Click Download *top right*

5) Copy into plugins folder


1) Repeat steps above except click Worldguard on SK89q's site


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