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Need help understanding how to modify my tekkit server


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I really need help learning how to disable certain mods in my tekkit server such as rail craft and wireless red stone as these will not benefit me and will only cause excess lag. I would also like help understanding how I would make it so block breakers cannot break cobblestone or timers cannot pulse any quicker than 2s. I'm sure these are some questions that come up very frequently and if anyone could answer or even link me to a page with the answer that would be amazing.

BTW: I've tried deleting it from my mods folder - Leads to server not loading.

Sorry for being a noob :(


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I see what you mean. I just don't need them and I've already disabled worldanchors via a 'NoItem' plugin, but its a long hard process disabling each item. I wish to just gain the knowledge of how to perform such actions as listed above, more notably how to modify the amount of blaze powder that is gained when macerating blaze rod and how to limit timers to going no faster than 2seconds per tick and other things similar to this.

Thanks again.

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