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Other people can't connect to my tekkit server?

Ben Zen

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I'm having a massive issue getting people to connect to my Tekkit server. I can connect and play just fine but when other people try the IP, they get "Can't reach server".

I have done EVERYTHING, made sure the Minecraft Port (25565) goes through my firewall, Port routed 25565 to my IP, made sure online-mode is enabled and all the basic stuff.. But nothing seems to work, so i'm beginning to think it's on the other end. Minecraft is again going through the firewall on my friends pc but he still can't reach my server.

these are my Server.cfg:























We are linked through hamachi aswell but i don't believe it makes any difference when im using this method.

Please help out, i have no idea what's wrong and it's so frustrating.

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Yes i believe that is my local IP, - using www.whatsmyip.org, it shows my IP is, but if i try to use that as server IP it can't bind the port.

And i already made a port route directly from my router settings local ip to the port 25565, but i don't think there is any thing running with a higher prio through that port?

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Uh okay so it did work, but now the next day, None of the IP's work. I can't find my own server on any of my IP's, even tho the Server Launcher, launches the server without problem, it still says "Can't reach server" in the Technic Launcher, when i try to to connect to my Local & Public IP (WITH the server-ip blank & port set to 25565). Now if i try to put in my Local or public IP instead of blank, it won't even bind the port?

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I am having the same problem except neither my hamachi Ip or my local IP works. I have tried everything too! Opened my firewall and changed the Ip numerous times from hamachi to blank with and without :25565

When you leave the ip blank it will take your highest priority network controller. So just get the Hamachi controller on highest priority and you should be fine with a blank ip info.

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when i leave the ip blank it says there is another server using this port

ok try opening task manager then go in to progresses (oh and do not have ur server running) and if anything says cmd.exe then click on it and end task, hope that helps :P

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