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Minecraft 1.2 and Tekkit


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I have asked this question before, but didn´t quite get the answer i was looking for because of my bad english, so i´m gonna try one more time :)

When things are ready, Tekkit will get updated to Minecraft 1.2 right?

Is it possible that i will be able to use my existing world on that Tekkit version, like i was when going from Tekkit 2.0 to 2.1 (copy/paste)?

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This is actually something that interests me. If the block IDs were to remain the same(unlikely ;)) then I don't see there being a problem as MC will automatically update the worlds. However the problems come in if either the mod makers or the Technic guys decide to make use of the new block IDs.If that happens one would need to convert the Block IDs after updating the world to Anvil.

Happily Mojang put up some nice source code that explains how the new format works so I might write a converter for Anvil at some point.

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