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Lookng for a Spilling Pipe Solution


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We have a macerator that inputs from a multi material source. As I am sure you are aware if the macerator is working and a new ore comes along it will be rejected by the macerator and be ejected from the pipe network. I have seen that the sporting machine might offer us a solution, but is there another solution to this spilling issue?

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Why not just use a Diamond pipe to only allow certain items to come into the macerator? Or i'f i'm not understanding the issue you're having and the real issue is that you are constantly piping items out of a chest to a macerator and the items come out of the chest faster than they are macerated, well then there is a sollution there too. If you have an engine pumping the macerated material out of the macerater to a different chest then here is what you do, after your section of wooden pipe put in a section of redstone pipe, run redstone (or redstone wire) from that redstone pipe to the engine on your other chest filling your macerator. When an item comes out of your macerator and passes the redstone pipe it will send a redstone signal to your input engine and it will pull another item out of the chest and send it to the macerator. It wont pull full stacks but hey you can fill your chest then set it and forget it! Hope this helps.

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