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The Common man's Guide To Paid Server Hosting,


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Hello Tekkit Players, This Little List Is To List ALL The Current Server Providers That We Recommend to Host Tekkit Servers On, It Is Also Here To Start A Sort Of Guide For New Players That Want To Host, But Cant Figure Out What The F#$@ A Port Forward Is,

Ill Start It Off,

BeastNode: Rating: 3/5 Great Support, Odd Usage Of Ram Allocation, Some DownTime, No Included Mods,


Hosted Games Servers:Amazing Support, Includes: Iconomy, CommandBook, WorldEdit, LWC, Etc,

Rating: 5/5, This Is The Choice For Players Starting Out With Paid Server Hosting, May Be A Bit Confusing, With The Whole FTP Database and all, But you'll learn,


Now, Ill Let The Rest Of You, Submit Your Own Server Providers.

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