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Increase max-world-height from 128 to 256


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Hi guys,

Allow me to apologize in advance if this is in the wrong sub-forum. For some reason I can't seem to find a lot of useful information on the topic.

We started a new Tekkit server a couple weeks ago, and the file format is definitely Anvil, but the default profile used didn't specify the max-world-height parameter, and is therefore fixed at 128.

Now, I started building something huge a couple weeks ago and I just realised I'm gonna go over the max height by a couple blocks, which is really annoying. Also, we're on this server with a number of people who've also built lots of things so it's not like we can just start over.

So I really need to up the max height to 256. So far the only thing that could have worked is the Minecraft Save Conversion Tool to convert from Anvil 128 to Anvil 256, but that broke everything Tekkit related, so I guess that's not an option.

I also tried editing the world with MCEdit but the amount of work that would entail would be astronomical. Also, there's no guarantee that everything Tekkit related would still work.

If anyone has any suggestions to keep my world intact but to increase the world height, that would surely make my day.

Thanks in advance from someone who's stumped,


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Hello theprolo,

Yes I know it's in the server options (server.properties file). But simply adding the parameter and setting it to 256 doesn't actually increase the height from 128. The world files need regeneration of some kind. That's the part I'm struggling with.

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