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need someone thats REALLY good with Tekkit plugins(staff position)


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i am currently the co owner of a tekkit server and we just moved to tekkit from minecraft. and we are trying to get the plugins worked out but we cant find ones that both work with tekkit and are what we need. so i am looking for someone really good with plugins to be a staff member as a (developer) on my server somebody please help...(only post if you are really good) thank you

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No, probably nobody is going to respond.

1) We don't have any idea who you are, so we won't just do it because you're our friend.

2) If we are really good with tekkit plugins and setup we probably have our own server already. And since you don't explain what is interesting or special about your server at all, it's not very attractive. Thus, we won't do it just for fun, either.

3) You don't mention any sort of pay or compensation for this job, so we won't do it for profit.

Which leaves people with... zero reason to do this for you. You either need to explain why your server would be so so much more fun than everybody elses, OR offer people money.

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Okay, first off the reason you might be having trouble finding plugins that work with Tekkit is because you need to use older versions of plugins, version 1.2.5 more specifically. The majority of plugins work with tekkit, so long as you have that version. On top of that, you will want to install either TekkitCustomtizer or Tekkitrestrict, I personally use both and have configured them in such a way that they work with each other.

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